DBT Trainings & Seminars

Select clinicians are currently training and consulting with individuals and agencies across the country.  We offer a variety of trainings and pride ourselves on our model-adherent, evidence-based approach.  Our trainings include:

  • 1-Day Overview of DBT
  • 1-Day Training on Borderline Personality Disorder
  • 2-Day DBT Skills Training
  • 2-Day Individual DBT Training
  • 2-Day Adolescent and Family DBT Training
  • 5-Day Comprehensive DBT Training
  • Program Implementation and Sustainability of Model-Adherent DBT (This training is for agencies and centers only.  A minimum of 4 people per agency is required)

We also offer consultation for individuals and agencies who want to implement DBT, those who have questions regarding DBT, or for those who are interested in consultation on difficult cases.  Additionally, Reed Stewart, LMSW, BCD provides organizational interventions for agencies that are experiencing challenges and dysfunctional dynamics.

For more information, please contact:

Josh Smith, LMSW

Reed Stewart, LMSW, BCD